Vixen owners and those who are still waiting for their "Vixen moment" are welcome to join.

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VOA members receive many benefits, including:

  1. A very active forum to which more than 300 users have contributed to more than 10,000 discussions, most of which relate to keeping Vixens running well.
  2. Discount on parts supplied by the VOA.
  3. A forum section for parts wanted/for sale.
  4. Fox Prints sample the association's newsletter, which carries a variety of helpful information 11 months of the year.
  5. All previous issues of Fox Prints, almost 20 years of help.
  6. Social and technical gatherings at various places in the U.S. and Canada.
  7. Copies of manuals for many of the Vixen's parts and systems.
  8. Access to a parts list relating original Vixen part numbers to current numbers.
  9. A collection of how-to and explanatory articles based on users' experiences.
  10. A public place to advertise Vixens for sale.
  11. A very active community of helpful people.

The Vixen, an international motor home

The VOA has re-engineered the side window glass and the model SE "blue box" which is an interface between the engine and the gauges amongst other duties. There also is a supply of cam lock tools for the BMW diesel.
If you require any of these contact webmaster at to get pricing and availability.

The Vixen motor home was produced by the Vixen Motor Company, Inc., in Pontiac, Michigan, from 1986 to 1989.
There are three models;
1) a BMW turbo-diesel powered lift top (the TD) 367 units built 1986+1987,
2) a turbo-diesel eight-passenger limousine (the XC) 40 units built 1987,
3)and a General Motors gasoline-engined fixed-top (the SE) 171 units built 1988-1989.
All are 21 feet long.

While the diesel engine comes from Bavaria and the transmission from France, the balance of Vixen components come from American car manufacturers. There are few unique parts on a Vixen which means that most parts are still available today.

The Vixen body design was wind-tunnel tested until it reached a coefficient of drag of .29, better than most production sedans and even sports cars on the road at the time. That low cD coupled with light weight (5,100 pounds) and a fuel-efficient engine allows the TD model to reach 30 miles per gallon while the gasoline-engined SE hits 20 mpg.

The vehicle has an extremely loyal following, many of whom are members of the Vixen Owners' Association (VOA) which provides technical support as well as social gatherings, called Prides, for its members. See benefits below.

The Vixen motor home, born of a dream

Bill Collins and his family took a vacation in a GMC motor home in 1973. That experience became the foundation for the design of the Vixen motor home and the company it would foster. More...

Step-by-step, the chronology

From a dream formed by a mockup in the family's garage to production and the fall of the auctioneer's gavel. More...

VMC sold at auction

In July 1989, the gavel fell and the assets of the Vixen Motor Company was sold to the highest bidders. This reprinted newspaper article tells the story of the fall of a promising idea. More...

VOA to the rescue

When the Vixen Motor Company closed down in 1989, it left people who had bought the marvelous machine without a source of technical support or parts. That fact caused the formation of the Vixen Owners Association (VOA). More...