Dues – Manual Payment

If the automatic Payment Module is not working, you can use this process to join, or pay renewal dues.

Copy and paste the form below into an E-mail, fill it out, and return it to VixenOwnersAssociation@gmail.com

After you send the form, a return E-mail will inform you how to pay dues via PayPal to VixenOwnersAssociation@gmail.com, or mail a check to our Treasurer. Please specify how you want to make the payment so we’ll know where to look for it.

Please do not make any payment to the VOA, until after you have sent the fully, filled-out E-mailed form to us.

If you have questions, please E-mail us at VixenOwnersAssociation@gmail.com

Thank you.


Vixen Owners Association Membership Form

Please email this information to:

Is this a new membership? []
Or a renewal? []

Please circle one:
Vixen model – TD / SE / XC
Last four of the VIN number _____________

If you own more than one Vixen, please list all below.
Example:  TD #0123, SE#0432, etc.


Pilot’s Name _________________________________________

Co-Pilot/Spouse _____________________________________

Email Addresses
The Pilot’s EMail will be the user name for sign in. If you are renewing your membership, please use the EMail address you used before. If you no longer have access to that EMail address, use your current one and we will cross-reference your membership manually. (More work for us.) 🙂

  Pilot EMail_______________________________________________

  Co-Pilot EMail___________________________________________

Street Address ___________________________________________

City ______________________________________________________

State/Prov ________________________________________________

Country ___________________________________________________

Zip/Postal Code ___________________________________________

Home Phone ______________________________________________

Business Phone ___________________________________________

Mobile Phone _____________________________________________

Skype _____________________________________________________

Member Since _____________________________________________

Payment Method: [] PayPal or [] Check?


If you prefer to mail a check, let us know and we will EMail payment instructions to you.

Thank you for your interest in the VOA.